Endo or is it just ME? (Self Love Workshop with Zaakiyah)

Aaah Sisters, it has taken me too long to share this incredible workshop with you. I apologize and I appreciate your patience.

More than a month ago, in honour of Endometriosis Awareness month, a beautiful friend of mine, Zaakiyah Bikha (Yoga in Colour), asked if I would be her guest on her second episode of her Self-love Workshop Series, focusing on the topic endometriosis. I was so happy and appreciative of this solidarity that not only highlights one sister honouring another's knowledge but also serving and guiding and informing so many Endo Sisters/ Warriors that are feeling stuck and scared and helpless to this debilitating, consuming and outright confusing condition.

Her request fitted effortlessly into my own awareness campaign running on the Yoni Shakti Yoga instagram page on endometriosis and needless to say, the workshop itself was a beautiful success.

We covered:

  • A healing meditation with Zaakiya

  • Yoga Sequence for Pelvic Health

  • My Endo Story

  • What is Endometriosis

  • Symptoms of Endometriosis

  • Courage and Vulnerability

  • Endo Growths

  • How Endo is diagnosed

  • Food Foes

  • Sister Support

If you missed the webinar, see the recording below or check it out on YouTube (Don't forget to subscribe to my channel):

See below the presentation for your viewing:

With Love,


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