A yoga sequence that focuses on the sacral chakra. This a beautiful and resonating 1 - hour yoga class to help you to connect with your sacred sexuality and creativity. Grounding you in feelings of peace, openness, and compassion. 

Sacral or Swadishthana Chakra is an energy center which is located 4 fingers (approximately 2 inches) below the belly button (the lower abdomen region). This region is said to be the center of intimacy, pleasure, control of sex organs, creativity, etc.

Physically, this energy center is responsible for the sense of taste, reproductive functions, all the fluids, blood circulation, kidneys, hips and pelvis, and lower back.


The Sacral Chakra is associated with the water element . The energy of this chakra is said to be feminine or lunar, hence the practice of Chandra Namaskar Variation (Moon Salutation Variation) included in this practice - which brings balance in the lunar side or feminine side in the body.

During the practice of the yoga poses in this sequence, I encourage you to be mindful of the lower abdomen region. In each pose, remain steady and let go of any mental resistance that you may feel (not the physical resistance such as pain). This mental resistance may show up in the form of painful past memories, personal failures, self-criticism, perfectionism, and so forth. 

Allow yourself to flow with the movement and emotions of your body and let go of the restraints tethering you to struggle, pain, and logic. Flow, feel and breathe. 

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Gentle YOU


A gentle yoga class for Beginners. This class aims to bring you closer to yourself. It provides you asanas (poses) to alleviate stress and release tensions while bringing your body to stillness, creating space for breath and restoration. This is a 30 - minute yoga session.

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