Be Impeccable with Your Words

Being impeccable with your word is not using the word against yourself. If I see you in the street and I call you stupid, it appears that I’m using the word against you. But really I’m using my word against myself, because you’re going to hate me for this, and your hating me is not good for me. Therefore, if I get angry and with my word send all that emotional poison to you, I’m using the word against myself. Don Miguel Ruiz

When I was a teacher, I had a wall-to-wall banner across my classroom that read "Words and Ideas can change the world!". While it was meant to impress the value of the English Language, it was also intended to bring conscious awareness to the words we speak and how we speak them. It also served as a startling reminder to me of the responsibility I have as a teacher.

According to LinkedIn, the average person speaks about 7000 words a day. That is an average of 2 555 000 words a year. If we accept this as true then shiiiiiiit, if I had one rand for every word. LOL! That is quite a number - now ask yourself, 'How do you use words? How intentional are you with your words? How conscious are you of how you use words?'

Most of us speak words mindlessly, carelessly, even recklessly. We scarcely understand that our words have consequences. Our words can build others up or break them down. But even more significantly, our words build the world we inhabit. They create our reality.

So many of us misuse the creative power of the word when we gossip, when we engage in needless arguments, when we engage in constant self-deprecation. We can even corrupt harmless words with our tone of voice and shift our energy and spiritual alignment.

What if instead of taking your words for granted, you see them as works of art, as a tool for the manifestation of love, healing, and abundance?

I have always had a deep affinity for words. Since childhood, it was a form of salvation, a surrender, a loving gift. My self-healing journey has begun to re-emerge the significance of words for me, the power of words, the healing nature of words, and the elevation of words, the intention, and sincerity within the use and energy of words, the kindness of words, and the ability to resound the articulations of the human spirit. It is because of this re-emergence that I decided to change my approach to my yoga teaching and ignite the fiery rise of positive words into our yoga practice.

I hope you take a deep introspection and begin your journey into self-discovery so as to allow yourself to be prominent and alive in the POWER OF YOUR WORDS!

I am holding space for you sister, I am praying for you and I believe we will shine fully in all the glory of who we are.

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