Food that doesn't LOVE ENDOMETRIOSIS? But WHY tho?

I love FOOD! I always wanted to be someone that travels and enjoys the finest culinary arts all around the world. However, due to serious allergies and ENDO, this is not my fate but I adjust and learn and move on...

The thing is, despite how tough all of the pain and the inflammation and... and... and... can be, we have a responsibility to ourselves and our bodies to do what is right for it. The phrase, "our body is temple" comes to mind. No matter how hard it can be, adversity is a great teacher. SO, let's learn a few things first.

Follow a diet moderated for endo, this can be helpful on the path to recovery, to minimize the symptoms of Endometriosis, and to improve your overall health. This is a very wise move, sisters. Take it one breath at a time and one you will not regret it. There are so many women seeing great improvements in their symptoms of endometriosis after offering themselves diligent kindness by changing their diets. Some women, myself included - just recently I watched @Fashionbreed stories on how her new diet improves her PCOS - so the proof is in the STORY.

A proper diet can cause a huge reduction in the symptoms of pain, a reduction of inflammation, reduction of pain with periods, less intestinal problems, and an increase in energy levels.

You will no doubt have read over and over again of the foods you should leave out of your

diet and the big question is, WHAT THE HECK DO I EAT THEN? Well before we can change our diet and welcome the alternatives, we need to understand why we can’t eat those foods. Here we GO...


Wheat should be eliminated from your diet to help combat Candida, as wheat feeds the Candida growth, and wheat appears to aggravate the symptoms of endometriosis. Moderate the wheat intake, limit the consumption.


Red meat is excluded from the diet for a variety of reasons, the main reason being that red meat will increase the production of the bad prostaglandins in the body that are responsible for the production of pain messengers in the body.

  • The fats in meat can contain the highest levels of dioxin in foods (dioxins covert into xenoestrogens in the body and are stored in body fat )

  • 􀁸 Animal meat increases the intake of fatty acids that stimulate the production of the prostaglandin F 2a (series 2 prostaglandins) in the body. These are partly responsible for muscle cramping, uterine cramping, pain signals, and inflammation

  • Animal proteins produce an acid which is an inflammatory agent

  • Unless you eat organic meat it will be full of hormones, antibiotics, and unwanted chemicals picked up through the food chain


  • Dairy products are pro-inflammatory - again caused by series 2 prostaglandins

  • Dairy products are not easy to digest and can interrupt the take-up of other nutrients can be the cause of food intolerance which can show up as illnesses like asthma, eczema, and arthritis

  • dairy produce is a trigger for constipation


  • Sugar is another food that feeds Candida

  • Research shows that foods with a high sugar content will increase menstrual cramping as well as aggravate PMS

  • It is the number one enemy of bowel movement

  • it suppresses the immune system and causes hormone imbalances


Two isoflavones found in soy, genistein, and daidzen, the same two promoted by the industry for everything from menopause relief to cancer protection, were said to ‘demonstrate

toxicity in estrogen sensitive tissues and in the thyroid’. That last sentence is most

relevant for women with endometriosis.


This includes the oils that you cook with, the oils you use in dressings, and the oils you will use in baking instead of dairy fats (margarine).

Processed vegetable oils are bad for you. During the extraction process of many oils, they undergo a heat and/or chemical process to remove the oil from the seed and to clarify and deodorize it. This process completely changes the molecular structure and in turn, the body will treat it as a chemical. It then has to be eliminated from the body by the liver by manufacturing specific enzymes. If your body’s metabolism is compromised in any way, like disease, this will cause further ill health.

The types of oils you use on a diet for endometriosis are important.

There are others but already this may serve information overload... plus flip.. what are those scientific hormone terms? We will get there. I will do a rundown on those at a later stage and also... guide you on alternatives.


Sisters, you are loved.

With Grace and Love


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