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Yoni Shakti Yoga

Power of the Feminine Source

ABOUT Yoni Shakti Yoga

Yoni Shakti Yoga (YSY) aims to help women heal and restore pelvic health and general well-being through yoga, breath, and affirmations. YSY seeks to help women to heal, love, and to honour their sacred selves through the support, acceptance, and love of sisterhood and connection. 

YSY serves to guide women in creating a safe space within themselves to be vulnerable and to become attuned with their bodies. Trusting in the intuitive power of their womanhood. 

YSY is founded by Gafieza Ismail 

Love Responses

Fatima Bassadien 

Educator, Yogini

Since starting yoga with Yoni Shakti I have experienced a myriad of emotions. Weight loss has always been at the forefront of my mind but it has felt like a continuous battle with myself. I focused on the usual aesthetic training in the gym and it felt good however there was always something missing.


Yoga was something that felt out of my reach. I assumed it was only for skinnier women who were already flexible. I couldn't see myself walking into one of those studios, being confident enough to start from zero. When Gafieza invited me to join Yoni Shakti Yoga, I didn't hesitate to join. I knew that anything she did was done from a point of positivity and empowerment, and this is what gave me the confidence to join.

Right now I cannot imagine how I went on without Yoni Shakti in my life! With yoga, my focus is no longer just on the vanity, but on my entire being. This journey has been invigorating, enlightening, empowering, and soul-fulfilling. As a woman, I have rediscovered my feminine power, my strength, my confidence. I have found me. The connection I feel to Gafieza in each session has made 'letting go' so easy. We move, we feel, we laugh, we sweat but most of all we connect. 

With Yoni Shakti Yoga, you have created a beautiful space for women to come together to love themselves through loving their bodies. I have been so moved by the pure heart and love you bring to each session. From your Instagram page to your flyers and schedules, to the way you teach each class – I am deeply moved by your wide-open yet grounded heart. 

Your own journey with your body has been one of the great lessons, and ongoing healing. I believe this intimate walking with your own body, shines through in the compassion and love of your teaching.

Toni Giselle Stuart, Poet, Performer and Spoken Word Educator, Yogini

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Healing. Authenticity.Vulnerability.Connectedness.Wholeheartedness